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Through Worlds of Stardust - CD - SIGNED

Through Worlds of Stardust - CD - SIGNED

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Hand Signed by Miljenko Matijevic

Released in 2017 - "Through Worlds of Stardust" is the 5th Studio Album and features 10 new songs, once again putting Miljenko's vocal prowess, versatility and musical complexity on full display. Some say the sound is a little softer, others argue this is most sensual & sexual collection of SteelHeart songs to date. While others say it is the perfect balance of both. However, when listened to in conjunction with the other albums there is no denying that signature sound and an evolution present. Through Worlds of Stardust is a the perfect culmination of where SteelHeart has been and were SteelHeart is going! Many tracks on this album have become fan favorites, plus concert staples- Proving there is no stopping SteelHeart!

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  1. Stream Line Savings
  2. My Dirty Girl
  3. Come Inside
  4. My Word
  5. You Got Me Twisted**
  6. Lips of Rain
  7. With Love We Live Again
  8. Got Me Runnin'
  9. My Freedom
  10. I'm So In Love With You

All Songs** Written and Produced by Miljenko Matijevic | Strings performed by Stockholm Strings

**Chorus on Track 5 written by Miljenko Matijevic & Anthony Crawford

NOTE: as these are hand signed, ink colors may vary from picture shown.


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