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My Freedom - 2020 Acoustic version - Download

My Freedom - 2020 Acoustic version - Download

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A powerful & intense Acoustic version of "My Freedom" recorded in 2020.

The album version, recorded with the The Band was originally available on the "Through Worlds of Stardust".  While this new version is bring a whole 'nother energy to the song... well, we'll just let Mili tell you in his own words:

"I wrote this song back in 2006 and recorded a full band version which was released on my last SH album. Considering all that has been going on in our world and the way I/we have been isolated, the lyrics kept haunting me night after night, and I was compelled to re-record the song acoustically. The recording was effortless but deeply emotional, bringing me to tears at times singing these lyrics.  This new version of ‘My Freedom’ feels like it captures the (essence) and frustrations that we have all been experiencing these past several months.” - Miljenko Matijevic, 2020


Produced By:  Miljenko Matijevic

Recorded at SteelHeart Studios

A SteelHeart Records Production
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