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We All Die Young - Radio Edit - 2022 Re-Mixed - Re-Mastered Edition - Download

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We All Die Young - SINGLE - Radio Edit - 2022 Re-Mixed - Re-Mastered Edition - Download

Completely remastered, this new version of "We All Die Young" sounds more alive, more modern and more timely than ever before!

Originally released in 1996, as part of SteelHeart's third studio “WAIT”, most listeners and fans will know it as a concert staple and the iconic hard hitting anthem from the 2001 movie "Rock Star" starring Jennifer Aniston & Mark Wahlberg - in which the song was re-recorded.

Although at that time in 2001, due to the shocking events on Sept 11, the single was held back and not given its full moment in the spotlight... but even that couldn't stop the connection this song has found with its audience.

Now, 11 years later "We All Die Young" is being given the limelight it deserves. Give a listen and hear just how timeless the vocals, the lyrics and the music are... proving just how powerful music truly is.


***This is the RADIO Edit, Running time: 3:55**** 

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